About Us

Hanrong Stone is an integrated stone enterprise with a history of nearly 30 years, which is engaged in many fields such as stone import and export trade, production and processing, public facilities and home decoration, and mine operation.

At present, it has a 50,000-square-meters processing plant and a 30,000-square-meters blocks storage yard, a stone slab display area with an area of thousands of square meters, and world-class production facilities and equipment.

With the unremitting efforts of Hanrong people, Hanrong became a leader of Italian Serpeggianto in the industry over the past four years.

Hanrong Italian Serpeggianto has become the first choice for landmark buildings, well-known enterprises and premium villas, and brought abundant materials to the decoration company and the design house for creating many classic works!



In 1992, Mr. Zheng Huoyan founded Hanrong Stone in Shuitou, the town of stone.

In 1995, Zheng Huoyan family members of Hanrong Stone started to conduct many mining operations throughout China

In 2002, Mr. Zheng Huoyan of Hanrong Stone led the establishment of Jiangxi Fuzhou Zixi Stone Industrial Park

In 2008, Mr. Zheng Rongsi and his wife, Ms. Wang Yiying, the new leaders of Hanrong Stone, completed their studies at Xiamen University and took over Hanrong

In 2011, with his outstanding business sense and excellent strategic insight, Mr. Zheng Rongsi of Hanrong Stone built the brand of Hanrong – “Hanrong Italian Serpeggianto”

In 2012, Hanrong Italian Serpeggianto has become the first choice for landmark buildings, well-known enterprises and premium villas

In 2014, Hanrong Italian Serpeggianto became the first brand of Italian Serpeggianto with 70% market share

In 2017, Hanrong Stone became an integrated stone enterprise engaging in mining operation, import and export trade and processing

In 2018, in order to offer better services to its customers, Hanrong was undergoing a comprehensive and systematic upgrade by enhancing internal capacity, reshaping external image, laying solid foundations and aggressively furthering progress.

In the future, Hanrong will continue to strive to pursue the material and spiritual harvest of all employees, achieve the corporate mission of creating a happy enterprise and benefit the whole society, and write legends with more heroic spirit!



Good tools are essential things.

Currently, Hanrong has a 50,000-square-meters special-purpose Italian Serpeggianto processing plant, six BM saws, an imported double-layer new energy tray repair line,two Barsanti downtime lines imported from Italy, and six bridge cutting machine.

The world-class equipment has laid a solid foundation for Hanrong's superior quality.



The Italian Serpeggianto Mine, located in Puglia in southern Italy, is the world's largest Italian Serpeggianto mine with an annual output of 200,000 tons.

Hanrong only selects 15% of the best quality products as the raw material of production to ensure .

Hanrong Italian Serpeggianto has been exported to several regions and countries, such as Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Singapore, Italian Serpeggianto is favored by designers due to its versatile style and pattern and wide application.

Palissandro Blue Mine is located in the Alps.

The Alps breeds the elegance of Palissandro Blue, while Milan inoculates the tranquil style of Palissandro Blue.

The premium Palissandro Blue mineral reserve has incorporated more fashionable elements into the products of Hanrong.



As the leader of the Intalian Serpeggianto brand in the PRC, Hanrong has a total of 5 marketing outlets in Shuitou, the town of stone, with 250,000 square meters of the slab stocks, and the 30,000 tons of blocks, which is available to supply at one time for use in 500,000-square-meters construction sites.

Hanrong's continuous production capacity and the resource advantages of the mine ensure that Hanrong has sufficient on-the-spot reserves to meet the procurement needs from various projects at home and abroad.